• How To Be A Super Supervisor
    May 21, 2018 - May 22, 2018
    4:30 am - 1:00 pm

May 21-22, 2018

Training Site:     Hilliard Building

                                 161 E. Maple

                                 Mason, Michigan



How To Be A Super Supervisor

Being a supervisor includes a constant juggling act of managing employees, situations, time and resources.  Don’t learn your supervisory, management and leadership skills through trial and error.  Learn leadership and management techniques that produce results.  Whether you are a new supervisor, experienced supervisor or someone preparing for a supervisory role, you will leave this 2 day seminar with tools, techniques and insights that will increase your effectiveness as a supervisor. Topics covered in this workshop include “Roles and Responsibilities of a Supervisor,” “Developing Credibility as a Supervisor,” “Creating a Culture of Accountability,” and “Assessing and Addressing Performance Problems”.

May 21, 2018

8:30 – noon    The Roles and Responsibilities of a Supervisor

Unfortunately, the skills that made you successful at your previous position are not the skills that will make you an effective supervisor. As a supervisor, you have new responsibilities which require a different skill set. During this highly workshop, participants will:
• Explore the difference between good supervisors and bad supervisors,
• Examine the supervisors role within an organization,
• Compare and contrast the supervisors’ role as a leader and role as manager,
• Learn the key activities of effective supervision,
• Build a foundation for developing credibility as a supervisor, building a culture of accountability and assessing and      addressing performance problems.

1:30 – 5 pm    Developing Credibility as a Supervisor

Credibility is about how leaders earn the trust and confidence of the people they supervise. It is about the actions leaders must take in order to intensify their followers’ commitment to a common cause. As a result of active participation in this workshop, attendees will learn:
• The qualities that followers look for and admire in leaders,
• The foundation of leadership and of all working relationships,
• The principles and disciples that strengthen leadership credibility,
• The actions they can take immediately to apply the disciplines to their own leadership initiatives, and
• The struggles leaders face in living up to their followers’ expectations.

May 22, 2018

8:30 – noon    Building a Culture of Accountability

Unfortunately, most people view accountability as something that belittles them or happens when performance wanes, problems develop or results fail to materialize. Leaders who effectively develop a culture of accountability develop an approach to accountability that paves the road to success rather than one that provides an excuse for failure. During this workshop, participants will:
• Examine the definitions of accountability
• Learn the two measures required for a task to be successfully completed
• Learn a three step Supervisory Accountability Process.
• Examine excuses to justify inaction
• Explore the meanings behind the four excuses to justify inaction
• Learn the steps to developing a culture of accountability
• Understand the positive results of accountability.

1:30 – 5 pm    Assessing and Addressing Performance Problems

Solutions to problems are like keys in locks; they don’t work if they don’t fit. If the solutions to problems are not the rights ones, the problems do not get solved. Some performance problems can be solved, especially those caused by our own lack of skill at applying principles of human behavior. This workshop focuses on problems that arise because someone isn’t doing what someone else expects him/her to be doing. During this workshop participants will
• Examine the role of the supervisor in dealing with performance problems
• Learn a procedure for assessing performance problems to determine the reasons an employee is not performing as expected, and
• Develop a quick-reference checklist to help them determine what sort of solution is most likely to work.
• Learn an effective four step process to address performance issues with employees, and
• Use case studies provided by the instructor to practices assessing and address employee performance problems.

Early registration date ends: April 21, 2018

How To Be A Super Supervisor – May 21-22, 2018 – Mason, Michigan

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