• Defense Tactics - I Will Survive
    May 25, 2016 - May 26, 2016
    4:30 am - 1:00 pm

May 25, 2016

 8:30 – noon   “I Will Survive” (Self-Defense Tactics)

1:30 – 5 pm   “I Will Survive” (Continued)


May 26, 2016

 8:30 – noon  “I Will Survive” (Continued)

1:30 – 5 pm      “I Will Survive” (Continued)


During this highly interactive workshop developed specifically for probation personnel, participants will experience hands-on defense tactics they can use to respond to an assault.

 This training will teach de-escalation techniques requiring the use of proper presence and verbal skills as well as defense tactics skills. Most of the instruction will require participant interaction as they work their way through the continuum of force.

 Joe Flores, the MBA Associate teaching the course, taught self-defense for the U.S. Probation System during his tenure with that agency.  During the training participants will use their sensory and motor skills as they walk, talk, strike and kick their way out of challenging and realistic situations.

Those attending the training should wear loose fitting clothes and tennis shoes.

The training will be provided in a safe and fun environment.  Most importantly, Flores emphasizes, “You will survive.”

Defense Tactics – I Will Survive

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