“Hi Dr. B,

“Happy Tuesday! After your class last week, I asked the management team in the Wharton office to have a short meeting on Thursday morning. Linda, Brad, Rebecca, and I met to discuss the class. All of them are very pleased with it, and I can tell a HUGE difference in how they respond to questions and how they address and approach a variety of matters. Their enthusiasm towards the department seems to be renewed. . .

“I’m so very excited about this. We made some plans to move the department forward and are going to have regularly scheduled management team meetings like this one

“I asked them about further topics for the class, and all agreed that they want to learn as much as possible about handling toxic employees and their behaviors

“Thanks for all the insight and motivation you are providing!”
~~ Roxane Marek, Director, Wharton and Matagorda Counties (Tx) Community Supervision and Corrections Department


“Thanks for all the insight and motivation you are providing.”

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