Words to Live By

Leadership Coaching with Mel Brown

To me there is something eloquent and meaningful and even captivating about words, whether it is a famous saying, a proverb, song lyrics, a sign in someone’s office or on the side of the road, a line from a movie or a novel I am reading, or even an interesting statement by a friend in a casual conversation.

I capture those that intrigue me and put them on paper so I can revisit them when I am in need of inspiration or motivation or when I am trying to select a topic for my monthly column.

One statement which has captured my attention lately is “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” I have played that phrase over and over in my mind and captured some my own thoughts down on paper and decided that a future column will be the result of all the thoughts that have raced across my mind as I considered that statement. In fact, I hope those thoughts come together in an organized fashion in time for next month’s column.

For this month’s column, however, I decided that, even though there are many websites that are dedicated to providing its readers quotes by famous people, I would share a few of my favorites.