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Leadership Development

Conduct Leadership Training & Developmental Programs, Assess organization’s training needs, Develop training curriculum based upon an organization’s training needs assessment, Deliver quality training on-site

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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance MBA team can: Conduct Organizational Needs Assessment Projects Facilitate an organization’s visioning and goal setting projects Facilitate organizational performance reviews

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Our Team

Our team consists of individuals with a wide variety of experiences including developing and delivering quality staff development services for staff at all levels of an organization, coordinating human resource services and more.

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Leadership Coaching with Mel Brown

Do It – Write: Part 1

In your capacity as a leader/manager, you may be called upon to make a presentation to a group regarding the work your organization does, to serve as a speaker for seminars or workshops, to write a grant or a proposal or to prepare a report for your boss or board of directors.

The next time you find yourself involved in one of these activities, ask yourself if what you have to say might be of interest to a wider audience. If so, when you do one of the above activities, write. Consider turning that report or speech into an article for a magazine, newsletter or journal.

The “Do It – Write” idea came to me quite by accident. Just prior to moving to Conroe Texas in November, 1979, to begin my job as Director of the Montgomery County Juvenile Department, I attended a meeting of The Texas Corrections
Association. The editor of that association’s journal asked me to submit an article for publication. Extremely flattered, I readily agreed. However, I moved to Conroe, got involved in my new job and forgot about writing the article.

When the deadline for submission my manuscript was imminent, I frantically began searching for a subject for the article. In my search I discovered the penciled outline of a speech I had given numerous times to college classes and civic
groups. That outline became the skeleton around which I built the article, “A Philosophy of Juvenile Detention,” which appeared in the January/February 1980 issue of the Texas Journal of Corrections.


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Developing an Inclusive, Respectful and Productive Workplace Today’s workplace is more diverse than it has been at any time in history. This diversity brings to the work place a number of advantages, but in order for the workplace to reap the rewards that diversity brings, employees must develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to work (more…)

  • March 12, 2018 - March 13, 2018
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Increasing My Value As An Employee March 12-13, 2018, Corpus Christi, Texas Hosted by:  Nueces County CSCD                       745 North Padre Drive                       Corpus Christi, TX   When hiring new employees or considering which employees (more…)

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